What Keeps Me Inspired Every Day

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Inspiration and responsibility should not mix.

At some point, we might think that people or we are responsible for are our inspiration, but in truth it really depends on what makes us wake up in the morning with the sense of purpose that we need to tackle another work day.

We want to feel excited over something, like an upcoming trip, even those we have yet to save up for. It’s the sense of purpose that excites us, the thrill of going someplace new, somewhere we have never been before. The anticipation that comes with something unknown can be quite a rush.

One may feel inspired in knowing that these people depend on them and that they are shaping lives of little and impressionable individuals. The challenge of helping them grow up into well-learned individuals might be exciting as well.

What inspires me?

I cannot pinpoint one single person or material object that inspires me to work hard and to overcome daily obstacles. I think it is the sum of all things that drives me to be better and yes, to show up. I think that perhaps responsibilities may at times feel like burdens and may also inspire us. Once again, no judgment necessary since humans are more complex than we think we are.

Inspiration is a feeling for me, something that overtakes me and a touchstone when I feel weak. My inspiration might be different from your personal brand. Even so, I believe it comes from the same place.

“My inspiration comes from many things. Challenges inspire me. I would say that I live for the thrill of wondering what comes next.”

Setting goals gives me an adrenalin rush. Meeting these goals gives me a sense of accomplishment and peace. However, I also find joy in wondering what can be found at the next bend in the road.

Each milestone inspires me to set out for higher aspirations. Instead of seeing these as hurdles, I see them as stepping stones or a new notch on my belt.

Meeting new people inspires me as well. I hear their life stories and how they overcame their personal hurdles. Each story fills me with a sense of pride for humanity, knowing that we all can overcome major problems and use it to our advantage.

I find inspiration in hardships, as weird as that might sound. I have had my share of battles and it has shaped me, making me the person I am today. I feel like each one has contributed to molding me and was necessary towards ensuring my growth. I might not have thought so at the time but I think I might not have been able to achieve success without these problems.

Inspiration can be found everywhere and in anything when you have a positive mindset. The ability to see beauty and potential in anything that comes my way.

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