Top Tech Tools for the 5 Business Basics

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From smartphones to the Internet and beyond, computer systems has radically transformed how we live and work in the twenty-first century.

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After I founded The Protocol School of Palm Beach greater than 17 years back, I started out without a penny greater than a computer, fax machine and printer, yet I still were able to run my company efficiently (or so I figured). Now, like a number of other entrepreneurs, I’ve use of high-tech computer programs that didn’t even exist a decade ago and that i find myself more lucrative than in the past.

Over time, I’ve found that these super-tools allow you to get more done in less time with fewer resources, knowing which of them to use and the way to take full advantage of them.

The problem is that there are plenty of resources to select from, as well as their number is exponentially growing all the time. It may be extremely confusing. Additionally, implementing and learning a new system needs time to work and energy, so deciding which of them works perfect for your business could be a challenge.

To simplify the decision-making process, here is a quick overview of some of the most popular platforms categorized by task areas most relevant to entrepreneurs.

1. Organization.

As your to-do list grows, it’s tougher to help keep tabs on all of the tasks that has to get done promptly. Project management tools including Evernote, Basecamp and Asana help you organize all your information across multiple platforms in one application.

2. Data storage.

The cloud permits us to store vast volumes of knowledge and media (text, audio, photo or video files), and can get on almost instantaneously from the Internet-connected device. This enables entrepreneurs to operate virtually anywhere, anytime, and easily share information with colleagues and clients while protecting their precious data from hard-drive crashes. Google Drive, Dropbox and Apple’s iCloud, Pogoplug would be the most widely-used platforms

3. Social media.

Social media has revolutionized the way in which companies communicate with their clients. It’s leveled the playing field between entrepreneurs and enormous corporations for an unprecedented extent by enabling visitors to directly interact with their target audiences, make new friends, and speak to people on the personal level. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and a host of other social media sites gives you direct access for your client base, while platforms like Hootsuite allow you to coordinate your social networking activities.

4. Marketing.

Email may seem old-school at this time, but it’s still a powerful method of engaging current clients and winning new ones over. This personalized type of communication enables you to check in with customers and clients every so often, send articles of interest, or simply say “hello.” MailChimp and Constant Contact are just a handful of the help entrepreneurs can use to send out customized announcements, promotions and e-newsletters with easy-to-use templates.

5. Finances.

For entrepreneurs, finances generally fall under three categories: increasing revenues, billing, and tracking income. Fortunately, some applications assist with all three. Quickbooks, FreshBooks and Square, for example, enable users to quickly create professional-looking invoices while tracking which clients have paid and which haven’t. Receiving payment promptly allows you to run your company without undue stress.

The tech tools now universally available to a person with Access to the internet get this to a Golden Age for entrepreneurs looking to take their business one stage further. Use these tech tools wisely, and you’ll be well moving toward success.

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