Top 5 Sales Professionals You Should Be Following

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The person who you look up to as an influence has a big impact on your work ethic. One of the most tedious jobs is in sales. Sales are essential for any business and needed for any industry and product. The people that work in sales are driven, persuasive, and know how to form a connection with clients which is why I admire them.

Even if you’re a person who does not work in sales, there is something that any business person can learn from these sales professionals. These individuals are people who constantly deliver value to their followers and inspire people around them.

1) Grant Cardone

Cardone is one of the top sales professionals in the world, doing a little bit of everything that makes him a must follow. He is an author and a speaker, but he also has been able to achieve a lot with his own sales training businesses as well as real estate.

He is someone who is pretty relatable on social media and that allows for people to really learn a thing or two from him just by following.

He is a big believer in working hard and watching success come in. A lot of his motivational content revolves around putting in the work and not giving up until the work is done. It is a simple, but a very effective way of living life which I’ve employed in my career for decades.

2) Brad Lea

A self-made entrepreneur, Lea has been working hard for over 25 years in both sales and marketing. He is the developer of LightSpeed VT, an interactive based training and communications system. Online, he is a good person to follow for inspiration when it comes to business success. What I really like about Brad Lea is that he is perhaps the most relatable out of all of the five I am listing in this article.

There is always a little bit of disconnect with some of the most successful people out there, but that does not seem to be the case for Brad Lea as he comes off real and genuine.

3) Ed Mylett

Success hasn’t always been easy for Ed Mylett, but at times he certainly makes it look that way.

Not only has he had a ton of success in the business world, but he is also a motivator when it comes to living a healthy life. He is constantly working out and eating healthy during his time outside of work. For those needing motivation for work and for health + fitness goals, he might just be the best follow out there in those respects

4) Andy Frisella

I first really began to follow Frisella after listening to his growing podcast, that is crushing the charts on iTunes. It is one of the top-ranked business and entrepreneur podcasts out there, and he has a number of high-profile guests on his show pretty consistently.

How did he get to this point? Well, he has been pretty successful as a business owner and as an online coach for people who need that extra push. He has a way of speaking that is very motivational, and that alone is worth a follow. While some may disagree, Andy Frisella is a born salesman and there’s a lot any business owner or sales professional can learn from how he addresses audiences and gets people to take action.

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5) Victor Antonio

Antonio is someone I am mostly familiar with after coming across him as a motivational keynote speaker. He seems to be a very knowledgeable person when it comes to sales and marketing, and he is also very motivational with his speaking.

No doubt, he has a strong ability to persuade and express his view points in a way which not only make sense but inspire people to commit and follow through.

Victor has an interesting backstory, and his success after coming from nearly nothing is definitely inspirational. It really makes people think that if he was able to achieve all of his goals, there is definitely a chance anybody can go out there and tackle their own with confidence.

Final Thoughts:

Twenty years ago, we didn’t have resources like Instagram or YouTube to learn from sales and business professionals at the top of their fields like we do today.

Technology has done phenomenal things to educate, inspire, and accelerate the path of success simply by tuning into people and resources which in most cases are free.

You become what you fill your mind, body, and spirit with. Following the individuals above online is easy requires little effort, just a click. One simple thing you can do today to influence greater success tomorrow!

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