Timeless Songs: Journey as a Music Lover with Ali Mayar’s Music Tidbits

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The evolution of music doesn’t stop with the passage of time but continues as long as there are people who embrace it and make it a part of their lives. The dynamic nature of music touches every soul in the planet, regardless of gender and way of life. Even successful businessmen like Ali Mayar know the importance of music in the total well-being of an individual. It helps them go through stress from work and business-related issues, and project a positive energy in the workplace. Become a music lover with Ali Mayar’s perspective in music and that includes knowing some of the newest musical genres for this year. Below are some of the newest additions to the complexity of music that everyone seems to look out for.

Country Dance Music

Pitbull’s collaboration with Ke$ha is a contemporary fusion of two major music genres, Country and Disco music. It involves a 4-beat tempo accompanied by folk-inspired melody that will surely captivate all country and dance music souls to kill it on the floor. Country Dance Music or CDM is a unique infusion of musical elements in the sense that it combines two opposite genres, the slow Country and the bouncy Dance, to a sold out musical piece. To prove, Timber managed to earn the top spot of the Billboard’s Hot 100 charts and grab over 250 million views in YouTube.

Heroine Pop

For girls who do want to be caught up with mainstream songs made famous by female artists, there is a new style of female pop music genre that uses topics about teenage secrets and events and unfolds the story in a straightforward yet classy manner. If you’ve grown tired from hearing all those bittersweet love stories in Taylor Swift’s songs, you can check out Heroine Pop and see for yourself perhaps it could be the fitting genre for you.

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Another rare blend of musical genres is Dubstazz, which is a mixture of electronic music synthetically produced with a Disk Jockey’s audio skills (Dubstep) and the classical jazz or blues concept. Although you can hear the wobbly bass effect which is a key feature in Dubstep, the traditional feel of the jazzy sound. Artists who are making a name in this hybrid genre include Pretty Lights and RJD2.

The Classics
No matter what, nothing and nobody will ever really compare to the wonder of The Beatles. The things they did for music, and their music in general are all timeless classics that will never be outdone. Here is one of Ali Mayar’s favorite Beatles songs, enjoy!

I Need You, by The Beatles by alimayar

These musical discoveries and more can are just a tip of the iceberg when you decide to become a music lover with Ali Mayar’s notes and pointers about the music industry.

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