Three Ways To Help Employees Achieve Their New Year’s Resolutions

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It’s that time of year again where everybody starts making New Year’s Resolutions. Actually, nearly a quarter of New Year’s Resolutions have already been abandoned, according to a recent study by The Washington Post. If you want to help your employees avoid joining that depressing statistic, check out the three helpful tips below!

Ali Mayar's Tips for Employees New Years Resolutions

1. Help Your Employees Set SMART Goals

SMART is an acronym that stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bound. Essentially, a SMART goal is one where your employees can take actionable steps to make it into a reality. For example, “get more exercise” is a common New Year’s Resolution that is not SMART. How will you get more exercise? What does more exercise even mean?

Studies show that people are better at sticking to their New Year’s Resolutions if they are specific and timed. For example, “get more exercise” could turn into “I will take the office stairs instead of the elevator five times per week for a month.” Unlike a general resolution to get more exercise, this new resolution is actionable: the employee is 20 percent closer to their weekly goal every time they take the stairs. Capping it at a month instead of eternity also helps it feel less overwhelming, making it seem more attainable than something more generic.

2. Encourage Your Employees To Share Their Goals

Research also suggests that people are more likely to stick with their New Year’s Resolutions if a group is holding them accountable for it. Encourage each of your employees to share their resolutions with you, and express a real willingness to help them achieve their goals. You might be surprised by how much influence one encouraging voice can have!

Of course, more encouraging voices are even better! Consider having an informal company meeting where everyone shares their New Year’s Resolutions with each other. These may be professional or personal in nature, but nobody should be forced to share anything they are uncomfortable with. You can even brainstorm ideas on how to make sure that every resolution is SMART to ensure the highest company success rate possible.

3. Make Your Employee’s New Year’s Resolutions Into A Team Thing

Most people are competitive by nature, meaning that you can help your employees achieve their New Year’s Resolutions by turning it into a game or competition. The specifics will vary based on what your employees wish to accomplish, but there are many formats this can take.

For example, a company-sponsored sports tournament could be a great option if a lot of your employees want to “get fit.” You could also set up some kind of point system to keep track of everybody’s progress, such as awarding the person above a point every time they take the stairs. You are really limited only by your imagination!

If you follow the guidelines above, you’re sure to notice that your workforce becomes happier and more productive as a result of your efforts. Remember that it is also important to lead by example, and have fun with it!

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