The Real Reasons Why You Should Embrace Failure as Opposed to Fearing It

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Since we were at an early age we’ve been trained to fear and reject failure. Most of us dreaded coming back home to talk about the “F” we received in an assignment or class because we fear how our parents would react. We then become adults who are cautious not to ruin a project from our jobs because we don’t want to be fired. This particular conditioned mindset to dread risks and fear failure has seeped deep in our culture.

In reality, many successful people know that failure teaches the path to success. You can stumble and fall but get up to achieve your dreams and ambitions. Here are the real reasons why failure should be embraced:

It is Life’s Greatest Teacher

For you to grow, you need to fail, it’s life’s greatest lesson. Failure will occur, regardless of how hard you attempt to stop it, so you might as well develop a ‘no fear’ mindset towards it. This doesn’t mean you should be expecting to fail, but when it occurs acknowledge and accept it. There’s significant value in failure. Through failure you’ll get to understand yourself better and you’ll learn from your blunders. Failure makes us rethink, reevaluate and find completely new ways and approaches to accomplish our goals.

It Will Help You Reach Your Potential

So as to arrive at your best potential, your own personal best, you have to propel yourself, go to the very limits and certainly not fear failure. If you have a fearless attitude and accept failure it will enhance your determination, motivation and perseverance. Greatness lies outside the comfort zone.

Know that Failure is Just an Obstacle In Between Us and Our Success from Ali Mayar on Vimeo.

It Will Determine the Kind of Person You Are

Truth be told, there’s two types of individuals in this world, people who take failing personally, consider it as an irreversible situation and throw in the towel, and you will find those who utilize it as a lesson, don’t take it personally but view it as a short-term setback. How you respond to failure will determine your ability to reach the road to success. So which one are you?

It is Infinitely Better than a Missed Opportunity

People often think about things that could potentially go wrong. But what if things go your way? What can you win? Can you live with the things you’ll lose if you don’t try? Successful people will agree that trying, giving your best and failing is infinitely better than not trying at all.

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