The Cyclone by NinjaTech Review

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Spinners and hand held gadgets are quickly becoming popular with children and adults. Specifically in the workplace and offices. They provide a useful way of reducing fidgeting due to anxiety or boredom, by giving the user an alternative to body movement. But, with all the products on the market, how do you know which brands are designed to last? I found out that the Cyclone by NinjaTech is one of the best spinners on the market. It’s unique construction gives it an edge over other brands, with the same desired features.

Construction of the Cyclone Spinner

I never thought I’d get into these things, but these spinners can help in a high pressure office environment. I’ve discovered that if employees and executives can use these devices to help keep their focus on important tasks and decisions, all the better.  These spinners limit distractions oddly enough.  It makes sense then, to have the best engineered device in the market.

This spinner features an all metal construction, for durability and a longer lasting device. It features a smooth finish with single grooves to maintain grip on the blades when necessary. High quality bearings are used for the spinning mechanism, which is perfectly balanced for smooth spinning. The spinner is professionally designed by engineers, to provide smooth spinning operation. It won’t wobble, so it can spin longer and faster. Spinning time is important for relaxation. It’s a product made with quality materials, designed to provide hours of use and engagement.

Benefits of the Cyclone Spinner by NinjaTech

The Cyclone spinner is quiet. It will not bother co-workers or people standing in line. It can be used almost anywhere. It’s particularly helpful for those times when waiting can create stress and anxiety or during stressful times at work.

cyclone spinner from ninjatechThe spinner is light weight and small enough to be portable. It can be carried in a handbag, a briefcase, or carry on bag for traveling. It can also be carried in a pocket for easy and quick access at the most critical times.It can be hidden in a desk drawer and taken out during times of extreme pressure or when it’s needed most. Some people use the device when they’re stuck and want to generate creative ideas. So, not only does it reduce anxiety and stress, but it also helps stimulate thought.

The Cyclone does not look like a toy. While many people call it a gadget, it can be thought of as a stress relieving device, designed to create motion and requiring activation, which is when the stress relief is begins. It works by clearing distracting thoughts from your head as you feel it balancing which can lead to better productivity.

People who have used The Cyclone spinner say it’s made of high quality materials and works perfectly. Though it’s not a toy, it can be used by adults and children alike. It’s easy to set in motion, simply by holding the middle between two fingers and using a third finger to move push one of the blades. Usually it will go for several minutes. (Sometimes we have contests to see who can hold the longest spin!) It can be stopped as easily as it started, by closing the fingers over the device.


The Cyclone Spinner by NinjaTech is available in red, blue, sliver, gray, black, and gold. The finish is metallic, which gives it a classy look – this is probably my favorite, honestly.

Buying the Cyclone by NinjaTech

A single spinner will cost $21.95. The more spinners you buy, the lower the cost for each. If you buy two, the cost is $19.95 each. the 3 pack is $16,95.  You’re better off shelling out a couple of bucks to get something that will last a while instead of cheap knock off at a gas station or mall kiosk.

The spinner also makes a great gift idea, for people who seem to have everything or those who like gadgets. It can be a gift for a graduate, a special birthday present at the office, or a gift for a loved one. It’s such a versatile product, mostly anyone will have a good time toying with it.

Teachers may find the spinner useful for getting children to settle and maintain attention. It can keep kids quiet in the waiting room of the doctor’s office or keep them busy during a long road trip.


What makes the Cyclone spinner different from competing products, is the professionally engineered design, quality materials, attractive, sleek finish in different colors, and the durability of the device. It does not require practice to use the spinner the first time. But, users may become skilled in knowing how much effort is required to spin the device for a specified time.

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