The Best Smartphone Apps For Entrepreneurs

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Entrepreneurs strive to become successful or to become more successful. In order for them to continue growing, they need the right apps. Here are the best smartphone apps for entrepreneurs.

Flippa is an online marketplace that specializes in connecting buyers and sellers of websites, apps and domain names. Entrepreneurs can browse the app to find web businesses they may be interested in buying or if they have a domain name they want to sell, then they can sell it via Flippa. Entrepreneurs can use their phone to watch a listing and to place a bid. It doesn’t matter if an entrepreneur is established or just starting out, they can find some good use for Flippa.

Google Drive
Entrepreneurs need a good file sharing and hosting app, which is what Google Drive is. Google Drive allows entrepreneurs to save their files in one place and then they can use their mobile device to access those files. There’s not need to worry about losing files because Google Drive is cloud-based and when entrepreneurs work within the app, documents will be saved as they go. Google Drive can also be used to easily share files with co-workers, partners, employees, clients or anyone else.

This app allows entrepreneurs to manage meetings and conferences. They can use the app to record audio notes during meetings or conferences. It can also be used to take written notes during a meeting. This is because the app has an audio-text transcription tool that works very well. Evermeeting can be used to create an agenda before the user goes to a meeting. The ability to record and share meetings allows entrepreneurs to be better prepared for future meetings. This is because they can playback recorded meetings and then figure out what could have been done differently or what went wrong or right in the meeting.

Expensify is useful because it helps entrepreneurs record expenditures in a simple way. Once they have recorded their expenditures and financial obligations, they can use Expensify to place them in categories. Not only can Expensify do that, entrepreneurs can include images of receipts with Expensify. The bottom line is Expensify makes it easier to record expenditures and accounting in general.

CamScanner is a unique app and one of the most useful apps out there. A user can take their mobile phone and turn it into a scanner. An entrepreneur can scan documents with their mobile’s camera and then they can upload the documents to the Cloud or send them via email. CamScanner is compatible with Dropbox, Box and Google Drive, which allows the user to convert their files into PDF’s. Once the documents have been converted to PDF’s, they can be viewed from any device. As of now, more than 100,000 people use CamScanner, which means if it’s good enough for them, it is good enough for any entrepreneur, regardless of the industry they work in.

Remember The Milk
Perhaps the most important app of all is Remember The Milk (RTM), which is an application designed to help people manage their days. Entrepreneurs always have many things going on throughout the course of a day. It’s easy for them to forget something, even if it’s important. An entrepreneur can use RTM to create lists of things to do and they can share those lists with other users. Managing and editing lists is easy, and users can organize tasks via tags and assign priorities and things of that nature. Best of all, RTM is compatible with both Google Talk and Google Calendar. It is ideal for those who have many tasks to complete daily and are always on the go, or for a person who runs a company with someone else, as the app can help them share lists between one another.

Remember The Milk, CamScanner, Expensify, Evermeeting, Google Drive and Flippa are the best smartphone apps for entrepreneurs. Sure, there are many other great apps out there, but those are the top ones. Each one is unique and offers entrepreneurs something different and something useful. If you are an entrepreneur and you want to be more productive or organized, then download those smartphone apps today and find out for yourself why they made our list.

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