The Best 5 Drones you Should Consider

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The term “drone” has been used in a haphazard manner nowadays. Initially, a drone is a programmed aircraft that moves in a straight direction or around in circles consuming low fuel. The drone is an unmanned aircraft that lands using a program. Following are the best 5 drones that you should consider if you plan to buy in 2016:

Parrot Disco

Parrot disco is a brand new drone by the company, Parrot. With a high speed of 50 meters per hour It’s the fastest on the market. It has a fixed wing design and a camera fixed on its nose. The manufacturer has installed a new autopilot software in the parrot disco drone. It is specialized with an automatic take-off feature along with 3-axis digital stabilizer that is synchronized with the flight sensors. It is ready to fly as soon as you take it out from the box. It is programmed for automatic flight and landing and entry level instructions. This drone is going to be doing some crazy things this year so keep your eyes peeled.

Fleye Drone

is considered as the safest drone in the world. It has the best spherical design that solves all the issues and challenges related to drone safety. The size and the weight of the fleye is not more than a soccer ball. You can easily control it as it does not require any expertise to operate. It has automatic flight and you can capture high quality photos. The Fleye contains protective grids, an HD camera to capture amazing and awesome scenes, the integrated computer with dual core processor, and a small light in it for night flying.

CyPhy Drone

CyPhy Drone has been created using the level-up and geo-fence technology. You just need to swipe to start its fly system. The drone has direct link with GPS that can’t be dropped or affected by interference, interception, or jamming. It contains a high definition video camera with unbroken specifications. It has the capacity to fly up to a 500 ft altitude, but it can capture farther. You can connect it with any power source, vehicle grid, and even generator.

Zano Drone

In the selfie era, the zano drone has been created to take selfies. The developer’s main goal is to develop a small and portable drone to capture your picture with amazing specifications. The Zano drone is available at an economical price with multiple features like autonomous flight, technology to avoid obstacles, image stabilization, safety technology, tracking, swarm capabilities, panoramic videos and pictures, software for video and image editing and instant sharing on Facebook and other social media sites.

ONAGOfly Drone

ONAGOfly drone lies between the economic and expensive drones as far as pricing goes. It is designed to take selfies and it is probably one of the best for selfie lovers. You can easily control it using any android or iOS device. You just need to download an application and connect it with the drone using Wi-Fi. It contains great quality features like automatic landing and take-off, smile and face detection, at least 12 minutes flight, and an 8 MP camera with image stabilizer. It is one of the best drones in 2016 by far!

Hope you enjoy this review. Drone’s are amazing and definitely will be a focal point as we progress in this decade. For more on myself and my business aspirations, take a look at my personal blog sharing additional tips and tricks!

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