The Ability to Mentor

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There is something most business leaders don’t pay enough attention to, and that is mentoring. There are many “leaders” out there, but at times especially in big companies, there is a disconnect between the leader and the entry levels. We just hired a new group of people in September of 2014, and I made it a point to make sure that they knew my name, and I knew all of their names.

At Platinum Rapid Funding Group, I do my best to keep an open line of communication with everyone at the company. I want to not only let my employees know that they can come talk to me, but when I have the time, I go and reach out to them to. If somebody needs help, whether that be in work or life, they are always welcome to sit down with my to discuss.

Leading is the easy part, but retaining the attention and work ethic of your employees is certainly associated with your ability to mentor them in a positive way. I’m a firm believer in the phrase, great communication leads to a great life, and the ability to mentor is one of the strongest forms of communication you could ever develop with yourself and the employees around you.

– Ali Mayar

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