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How To Win BIG In Business

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To be successful in business, the business owner must think of the business as a game that requires a full-fledged strategy. The object of the game is to win. The business must win new customers and win their loyalty. Such a company must win faithful employees and dedicated salespersons. The business must win to succeed. […]

Fun Interview With the People of

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I am extremely grateful to have been featured on in one of their interviews! I had the great opportunity to answer some questions about my business, business development, and other fun things. If you are looking for some advice in business, or just want a good read, I would suggest giving this interview a […]

Why CrunchBase is a Useful Business Tool

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Out of all the social media outlets used for business and business development, I have found CrunchBase to be one of the best. A quick overview of CrunchBase: It is explained as “the world’s most comprehensive dataset of startup activity and it’s accessible to everyone”. It was conceived to track startup companies, and now you […]

Tips To Take Control of Your Life and Business Article

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I have been writing some articles lately on the popular website, Don’t worry, my posts here won’t stop, but I wanted to share the post with you all. Instead of posting the whole article for a second time, I’d rather share with you the link that can be accessed here. The idea of the […]

Creative and Trendy Business Ideas

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Every entrepreneur needs to constantly improve his sense of creativity if he wants his business venture to succeed in the future. Rather than looking into the mere present business scenario, a smart businessman knows that the key to survival in the industry is to look into the future and put his feet one or two […]