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How To Win BIG In Business

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To be successful in business, the business owner must think of the business as a game that requires a full-fledged strategy. The object of the game is to win. The business must win new customers and win their loyalty. Such a company must win faithful employees and dedicated salespersons. The business must win to succeed. […]

7 Intangibles that All Successful People Possess

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Regardless if you are first starting in a new job or looking to get your career on course, the basic principles of success will always be the same. Time and again, certain qualities aid you in getting to a higher level – and subsequently after that. However what are these qualities that detached two people […]

Fun Interview With the People of

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I am extremely grateful to have been featured on in one of their interviews! I had the great opportunity to answer some questions about my business, business development, and other fun things. If you are looking for some advice in business, or just want a good read, I would suggest giving this interview a […]

It Is a New Year, and With That Comes New Opportunities to be Successful

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The end of the year 2014 is an excellent chance to think about your company’s progress during the last year and set up a plan of action how you would like your company to grow. Would you like increased success within the coming year? Perhaps you would want to pursue that long-awaited expansion? Or perhaps, […]

How to Keep Focus Through Tough Times

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In order to be product in business or work, you need to know how to focus. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself wasting too much time and not getting things done. But what if you are going through tough times? How will you be able to focus? Whether you are struggling with internal forces like grief or […]