Six Ways To Increase Productivity While Increasing Employee Morale

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Increase Employee Morale

Every successful business has employees they can count on every single day. To keep employees engaged, morale needs to be high around the office. This will help set the mood, and in turn, it should increase productivity.

A lot of people ask me to weigh in on six ways I have improved employee morale throughout my business career. Here are some suggestions that have proven to be successful for me.

1) Positive Reinforcement

It might seem simple to some people, but a little positive reinforcement here and there can make a pretty big impact on individuals. It doesn’t have to be anything over the top, but some employees just want a tiny bit of feedback so they know they are doing a great job.

I’ve noticed way too many business owners be overwhelmingly negative towards employees. That is not going to encourage productivity in the long run.

2) Reward Outstanding Performance

If employees are going beyond expectations, positive reinforcement might not be enough to show gratitude. A reward of some sort can show just how much of an impact they are making on the company.

Reward ideas can be a gift, a bonus or even a promotion. Not only does this increase productivity for that particular individual, but other employees will see that and strive for their own rewards in the future.

3) Team Dinners

It doesn’t have to be that often, but a team dinner can be a great bonding experience for employees. Not only does it allow employees to learn more about each other outside of the office, but it builds a team mentality as well. Instead of being viewed as simply individual employees, a team is going to work harder for each other.

Is a team dinner not enough? Add an activity to the night as well. This makes for a fun evening and it shows that not everything is serious.

4) Paid Time Off

Everyone loves having some paid time off from work. Treat it as a reward for hard work and accomplishments. Some employees view a bonus couple of days off as a great way to recharge batteries. They come back hungry and ready to go when they return to the office.

This is another incentive that other employees will pick up on as well. Everyone will be striving for that opportunity to have some unexpected days off.

5) Provide Gym Access

More people than ever are paying attention to their health, and getting regular exercise is extremely important to stay fit. By providing gym access, it gives employees a great opportunity to make the most of their time.

By having a gym available, that is one less expense they have to pay for outside of work. Not only that, but the gym access is usually going to be close by work. This can save a decent amount of time during the day. Some employees even get their workout in during a lunch break.

6) Deliver a Few Surprises

Business owners who are engaging with their employees generally get more productivity from them overall. Even if owners are not in the office that often, there are still opportunities to deliver a few surprises.

It can be a surprise catered lunch on a Friday. Maybe a giveaway of some sort. Something that shows that the employees are appreciated.

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