Rain, Sleet, Snow: Why Your Company Should Have Inclement Weather Protocols in Place

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Are you a business owner who is concerned about your company’s inclement weather policy? Since it is hurricane season currently and winter is fast approaching, you will want to begin planning your policy for when the weather is bad. Consider what you can do in the event of inclement weather today to keep the guesswork out of it. Here are some of our tips for your business in the event of inclement weather.

Inclement Weather Policy Ali Mayar

Have a Committee in Place for Decisions

It is in your best interest to have a group of people from your staff who will decide the status of the work day. Will the business open or close early? Will it be closed entirely that day for the sake of keeping everyone from having to travel in unsafe conditions?

This decision can be based around what the local school board or city government decides, such as if the schools are closed or there is a state of emergency declared for the city. Keep in mind that there must be high expectations set in place for how this committee operates. Should management directly be involved in this, or can the committee be made up of any reliable employees who have proven themselves capable of sound judgment?

Set Your Expectations for Your Employees

There also should be certain expectations of your employees when you declare a day off due to bad weather. Make sure that you express in detail what you would like your employees to do. If you have the option to ask your staff members to work remotely, it is ideal to provide them with the technology and software to do so.

Even if you are not able to open the physical location or choose to close for the sake of everyone’s safety, remote work is a good option. Today, it is easier than ever to conduct work from home, especially if your company deals with customer service matters online and over the phone.

If your employees are working remotely, credit Card giant, American Express, recommends setting expectations in place as what actual work is expected. Given that many of these employees may have children who are also out of school, you may want to consider how much time employees are actually able to put in when working remotely.

Communicate with Everyone OpenlyBad Weather Policy

It is important that you make a strong effort to communicate with customers, vendors, and anyone else related to your business. People find it inconvenient and frustrating to stop by a physical business location when it is closed without warning, especially in the inclement weather conditions. Put your best foot forward and reach out with a brief, clear message about the fact that you will be opening or closing at a specific time, or that the business will be shut down that day.

If you need to do this, include a note to your vendors about alternate action or plans for deliverables. Also, tell employees if and how they will be compensated for remote work or a last minute decision to close. Show your professionalism when it comes to a tough situation and you will make it known that you are a top class employer and business in general.

Have a clear-cut inclement weather policy written well in advance of a storm, and you will not have to worry at the last minute about communicating with everyone, as well as all of the other elements involved. Your employees, customers, and vendors deserve to be kept in the loop. You even may want to put a notice on the front of your building about this policy, so that you have your bases covered. This is sure to have people see your company in a respectable light.

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