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the-startup-magazineGetting started in business is not an easy task. So much so, that more start-ups end up failing than are successful. Such failures are sometimes on account of not doing enough research before taking the plunge, while others are due to being strapped for cash or capital to carry out the work of the business. The Platinum Rapid Funding Group is there to fund the latter.

It is always a pleasure when your work is highlighted and praised. Platinum Rapid Funding Group’s recent write up in The Start-Up Magazine was one such occasion. The feature presented an interview with Platinum Rapid Funding Group’s CEO Ali Mayar who spoke about how he got started as an entrepreneur, his successes, things he knows now that he wished he had knew when he started. Below, we take a closer look at some of the entrepreneurship success gems that were offered up in this riveting interview.

Offer Clients Value

Since its inception in 2012, Platinum Rapid Funding has employed a unique business model based in harnessing technological and proprietary data resources, and skilled manpower to successfully offer its services to small businesses and start-ups. The company is committed to assisting the start-ups that need it. It is this drive and offer of value that keeps them going. Offering value to clients is a sure way to keep a business afloat and thriving. As such, creating and delivering value (usually by solving problems or meeting needs in a target market) is always the number one rule for successful entrepreneurship. It is a rule that applies in all fields and across all product and service offerings.

Plan Properly When Getting Started to Successfully Navigating the Common Pitfalls of Launching a Start-Up

While it is true that we all start somewhere, Platinum Rapid boss, Ali Mayar, divulged that he was able to sidestep some of the common start-up missteps. Still, he is not removed from the challenges facing start-ups. In fact, it is this deep understanding of the challenges faced by the start-up entrepreneur that allowed Ali Mayar to plan properly and develop the long-term strategies needed to secure his successes and ward off failure from the very start. His only miscalculations as they were, were in his inability in the early days to gauge the kinds of skills and qualities needed to realize his vision, as well as the time it would take to bring to pass. The journey, he found, is often longer than anticipated.

Learning from Others and Taking Advice advice

One of the many things that Ali Mayar learned from launching Platinum Rapid Funding Group is although it is not easy to take advice, it is wise to learn from the experiences of others. At the end of the day, it is not possible (or prudent) to learn everything from one’s own experiences. Of course, while different pieces of advice are not necessarily universal, one-size fits all solutions, some types of advice can be universally applicable. One such piece of advice Ali Mayar received when building and growing the Platinum Rapid Funding Group was to never give up and have resolute belief in yourself and your ability to achieve your goals. Belief in self (or the lack thereof) is often the single most deciding factor between those entrepreneurs who succeed in their ventures and those who do not.

Offer Up Variety and Customized Options

One of the features that Ali Mayar credits with a significant portion of Platinum Rapid Funding Group’s success is the company’s ability to offer customized financing solutions to their varied customer base. By realizing that customers differ and so too will their needs, having tailor-made solutions offer up a win-win situation. The customer gets what he or she needs and the company enjoys the revenue and subsequent growth for catering to and keeping a client on board.

Be Committed to Growth growth

Scalability is a popular term in business planning and with good reason. Scalability speaks to the start-up’s ability to grow their offering and company. If a business is not scalable, then it may not be worth pursuing. As such, start-ups should look closely at this reality. Of course, when a start-up is scalable the next step is to be wholeheartedly committed to principles and strategy to its growth.

Finally, Be Inspired

Inspiration will help to keep the fire of entrepreneurship burning brightly during the tough times – and there will be tough times. It is important for start-up owners to keep learning all they can from the stories of those who have successfully walked the road they are currently on. The constant reminder that others have been where you are and have come out on the other side is highly valuable. Seeking personal and business mentors through the various available avenues is also recommended.

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