Platinum Rapid Funding Group Featured On Money Inc.

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Platinum Rapid Funding Group Featured on Money IncMoney Inc. recently profiled Platinum Rapid Funding Group in an interview titled Key Insights On Leadership and Management: Interview with Platinum Rapid Funding Group. Platinum Rapid Funding is a cash advancement company striving to help small and medium-sized businesses access the capital they need to grow and thrive. They offer a variety of products across multiple sectors, ensuring that they have a solution for every business’s financial needs.

Platinum Rapid Funding Group distinguishes itself by offering a transparent application process and speedy turnaround times in an industry notorious for giving small business owners the runaround. Past clients consistently report that the honesty and efficiency offered by Platinum Rapid Funding allowed them to meet and even exceed their business goals.

Company Growth

The Platinum Rapid Funding Group was founded by Ali Mayar in 2012 to help as many smaller companies as possible achieve growth. The team’s diligence and dedication to a unique business model has allowed Platinum Rapid Funding to exceed initial expectations and help numerous businesses get the funding they need to move forward.

Fiscal year 2016 was the best in the company’s history, as Mayar reported in an article featured on Debanked and also in a previous post titled Reflections: Platinum Rapid Funding Group Originated $180 Million in 2016.The company originated $180 million in deal flow last year. This figure is nearly double the $100 million Platinum Rapid Funding reported in 2015. As he stated in the Money Inc. article, Mayar believes that Platinum Rapid Funding Group will continue to grow through 2017 and beyond, calling it an “unstoppable organization” as he thanked everyone whose hard work contributed to the company’s growth to date.

How They Do It

Mayar credits his company’s success to their unique business model, powerful industry alliances, and inclusive business culture. Their business model is leveraged by manpower, proprietary data, and technological resources; blending all three into one cohesive unit designed to help clients access the funding they need. Mayar also looks for partners within the industry to help deliver the best possible outcome for his clients.

The inclusive business culture at Platinum Rapid Funding has also been vital to the company’s success. Mayar makes sure that every employee is aware of the company’s goals, creating an environment that allows them to be creative in tackling each individual client’s needs. This clear direction and freedom to consider novel approaches helps motivate employees, ensuring that they perform to the best of their abilities. Platinum Rapid Funding Group is very flexible as a result, quickly devising ways to help companies access the funding they need even if they have not worked with a similar client in the past.

Finding The Right Employees

It takes a special team to achieve the results Platinum Rapid Funding is looking for, so three important traits from Patrick Lencioni’s book The Ideal Team Player are sought in all prospective hires. First, Mayar tries to hire humble individuals. He notes that big egos can work in the financial sector, but most clients prefer to work with more grounded individuals.

Second, Platinum Rapid Funding Group employees have to be hungry. This means that they are passionate and ready to dive into every challenge presented to them instead of growing lazy and complacent over time. Finally, prospective hires need to be smart. No amount of ego or hunger can make up for someone lacking the competence required to do the job.

More About Platinum Rapid Funding Group

Interested parties can learn more about Platinum Rapid Funding on the company’s official website, They can also visit Money Inc. to view the entire profile and interview on the company. Finally, you can connect with the company on Facebook and Twitter to keep informed of the latest updates from Ali Mayar and his team.

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