Inclement Weather Policy Ali Mayar

Rain, Sleet, Snow: Why Your Company Should Have Inclement Weather Protocols in Place

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Are you a business owner who is concerned about your company’s inclement weather policy? Since it is hurricane season currently and winter is fast approaching, you will want to begin planning your policy for when the weather is bad. Consider what you can do in the event of inclement weather today to keep the guesswork […]

InventureX can really shape up your crowdfunding marketing efforts.

InventureX Review: Marketing Success Story?

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Let’s get the basics out of the way: InventureX is a total winner. The company has helped over 350 entrepreneurs raise more than $20 million on various crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. They help to market and promote your crowdfunding effort and are performance based which means that your success is their success since […]

Mistakes promote furthered learning and growth.

Why You Should Make Mistakes

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Entrepreneurs need to have a love-hate relationship with mistakes. Nobody particularly wants to make them, and yet they’re an essential part of what makes any business successful. The best business owners learn from their mistakes, gaining the knowledge required to make a better decision next time. It’s not always easy, but you need to embrace […]