Must-Have YouTube Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

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There is no doubt that of the most popular websites on the web is YouTube. However, there is seems to be a good deal of people who doesn’t think that the behemoth video streaming website is a viable social media tool for businesses. When one talks about social media for businesses, most people would think of Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and the likes. Since it is a video-centric platform, YouTube may seem like it is not suitable for small business marketing. However with the addition of comments and being tied to Google+, YouTube has become more social than ever.

Creating and uploading video content using YouTube is a fantastic way to give a small business a boost. Here are some tips that will help maximize your YouTube account for business marketing.

1. Keep the content coming. Browse the most popular YouTube channels and you’ll see that they are updated consistently. If you want to use YouTube, you will need a lot of videos. For some ideas, you can create webcasts and webinars which can be splitted into a series. Useful contents like product demos and tutorials are also great. Create a corporate profile video as well to introduce the company.

2. Be sure to have calls to action. Include how you want the viewers to respond to your video content. Possible calls to action are: subscribing to the channel, liking the video, sharing the video on social media, leaving comments, and visiting your website.

3. Interact with viewers. Show that your channel is not ran by some soulless bot or program. Monitor the comments on your videos and respond to them as much as possible. Do not automate this step, personalize your responses.

4. Give videos a well-thought title. If you want people to find your videos, avoid giving them boring, non-descriptive titles. Titles are a big factor when it comes to YouTube searches. Nobody will find your video if it’s called “worst business ideas”. On the other hand if it’s called “Bypass Failure by Knowing the Worst Business Ideas of Today”, then it’s a lot easier to find and far more interesting.

5. Write down a good description. Sometimes, viewers read the description first before watching the video. So be sure that you write down a short, informative, and multi-purpose description. Include a link to your business website.

I found this video to back up some of these suggestions I have shared with you!

So are you utilizing YouTube for your small business? How does your business benefit from YouTube?

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