Keeping a Journal – 5 Reasons Why All Executives Should Be Doing This

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The one thing regarding the word “solo” ahead of the words “business owner” is the fact that you’re usually on your own.

You’re the individual who leads your organization. You’re the individual who guides the team. You’re the person who definitely makes the toughest choices regarding the next steps. Nevertheless, this doesn’t imply you must have a pity party just for your lonesome self.

Among the best practices for accomplishing a great level of energy is to have a business journal. From great individuals like Benjamin Franklin to Richard Branson, the business owners who swear by this technique are numerous.

Progress Tracking

If you’re proceeding on the way to a long-term objective, a basic journal is definitely a powerful tool. With it, it is possible to track your progress daily and with every week. It may not appear to be much in the beginning – but fairly quickly, you will find that you can jump back to prior weeks and find out how you have progressed.

Exploring Your Thoughts

When you are feeling distressed or nervous, keeping a diary more often than not helps. It provides a person a space to pour out what he truly thinks, and frequently experiencing it in black and white provides him a sense of perspective. A lot of people learn that writing about problems is in fact more advantageous than talking about them.

Recording Your Life

Eventually, the journal could be an incredibly fascinating historical record – for you, your family, and perhaps for a wider readership. Clearly, you do not want just anyone to see the journal itself, but simply by recording specifics of your life, they can be useful for future reference.

Becoming More Self-Aware

Should you maintain a journal on a regular basis in a period of time, you are going to become significantly more conscious of your own feelings and thoughts – as well as perhaps your own failures. You are going to identify patterns, both good and bad ones.

Building Focus

As a business person in a greatly distracted time (just to check: just how many tabs do you have open in your web browser now?), you should protect and develop your ability to concentrate. An individual can whine about the disturbance, or you could carry out the work of rising above the disturbance. You have to make your choice.

If you currently keep a journal, what are the benefits has it given you? If not, then why not start journaling now?

There are some other tips that you could use to help improve your business aside from just keeping a journal. The presentation below has some of those things! Any other questions, contact me on Twitter!

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