InventureX Review: Marketing Success Story?

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Let’s get the basics out of the way: InventureX is a total winner. The company has helped over 350 entrepreneurs raise more than $20 million on various crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. They help to market and promote your crowdfunding effort and are performance based which means that your success is their success since they are only paid if you achieve your specified goals.Looking for the right solution for your marketing plan can be overwhelming.

In this sense, they could be a ‘total success’ if you end up reaching your funding goals when you decide to use crowdfunding to provide capital for your business. Crowdfunding is not a guaranteed path to achieving your funding goals; many campaigns fail and if you do not reach your target then you often receive nothing.

What is InventureX?

InventureX was established in 2012 to help people with marketing their crowdfunding efforts. They use a proven methodology to create successful campaigns on various crowdfunding platforms. Their experience in creating, testing and implementing campaigns has helped raise millions of dollars for entrepreneurs seeking to raise capital for software, mobile apps, web platforms and B2B/B2C applications among many others.

Do Businesses Need Crowdfunding Marketing?

There are various ways to raise capital in order to fund a business idea. You could ask your rich friend, go to the bank or pitch a thousand venture capital firms. Nobody needs crowdfunding as such but today it is one of the easiest ways to raise venture capital for new unproven ideas. Most of the truly revolutionary ideas, however, rarely seemed that way at the start.InventureX will help you define your marketing strategy.

Effective marketing of your idea will mean that potential investors will understand what you are trying to achieve and its potential. InventureX provides smarter marketing but will also review your idea, provide a launch plan for a custom marketing campaign and can potentially partner with you if they think your idea has particular merit.

Are They Successful?

InventureX has the track record to prove that they can successfully fund startups using the crowdfunding model. Their success relies not only on using the latest social marketing techniques but also by evaluating your project and creating a well-thought-out plan to reach your funding goal.

Also, it’s important to note people are talking about InventureX on popular sites such as Reddit.

They will assess your startup idea based on previous projects they have undertaken as well as considering current trends in the startup space. This process in itself is a valuable way of assessing how likely it is for your concept to become a reality. As a result, just by getting InventureX’s backing you can be assured that you already have an edge over the vast majority of people seeking crowdfunding for their idea.

InventureX is Worth Your Time

To make the best of your crowdfunding effort you need to get the message out to your potential investors otherwise you don’t stand a chance. Crowdfund Insider has found that using a professional crowdfunding marketing service makes it three times as likely that you’ll meet your goals.

The fact is that no-one will invest in your idea if they haven’t heard of it. Marketing is vital to getting the message out about your startup and its potential. InventureX will create social media marketing to get the pitch for your idea in the media and to create a buzz about your crowdfunding effort.

Most marketing agencies talk a good game but end up under-performing. InventureX, with its performance-based pricing structure, is the most efficient way of helping your business achieve its funding goals through crowdfunding and is definitely worth a look.

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