Inspiring Business Themed TV Shows You Might Enjoy

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After a long day of work, I’m still somebody who loves to watch television once in a while. I’m a fan of all different types of business television shows, but there are a few in particular that relate really well to all facets of business.

If you haven’t checked out these five shows, give them a try the next time you have nothing to watch. If you like them, be sure to let me know or tell some of your friends in business. The best part about all these show is that since many people watch them it’s easy to talk with friends or business associates about specific episodes and have something to connect on.

There’s nothing better when entertainment “becomes business” so I hope you enjoy some of my top picks below.


1) Shark Tank

I might as well start with a show that most people already know about and probably watch. This list would just not feel complete if Shark Tank was not part of it.

Five different investors are pitched ideas from entrepreneurs on this show. The investors are always looking for new opportunities, and it gives unique insights when it comes to people with a lot of wealth such as Mark Cuban, who is a billionaire. It’s also a pretty cool television show to learn about new and innovative products. If you’re like me you might even actually consider buying some of the products you’ve seen on Shark Tank.

2) Billions

The series is a drama at its core. In the first three seasons, it has received great reviews, and it might be my favorite show on TV right now.

Get some episodes in now, because the fourth season is set to start up in March of 2019. If you have access to showtime, it’s worth checking out on Showtime.

3) Million Dollar Listing: New York

Million Dollar Listing: New York is a spinoff of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles. Since I am more familiar with New York, I prefer this version of the show, but both are great.

In New York, Fredrik Eklund, Ryan Serhant and Steve Gold sell properties all around the city. The show follows them around, dealing with the highs and lows of the market in general.

While there is obviously some focus on the three personally, there is enough business-related content that I think it is very educational. Beyond real estate, it’s a great all-around business show.

4) The Profit

Every business has a goal of making money, unfortunately, many could use some help in that department. This is where The Profit comes in for a lot of small businesses. The whole premise of the show is helping a small business become profitable by coming up with new ideas thanks to host Marcus Lemonis.

With Lemonis, he usually gets an ownership stake in the business that he helps. This is how he ends up profiting off of the idea. It usually is a win-win for both parties.

5) Silicon Valley

Many people use television as a way to relax, and sometimes I just want to watch a comedy. Silicon Valley fits that mold for sure, and it also revolve around a group of people working for a startup company.

It is certainly an exaggerated look with a lot of comedic relief, but there is just enough business related stuff that makes it pretty captivating to watch. They are making a new season, but it recently was delayed. For those who have never seen it, the HBO hit already has five seasons.

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