How to Grow Your Business With Virtual Assistants

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Learn to Hire Virtual Assistants

Once an entrepreneur has successfully navigated the initial few months of his or her startup phase, the main focus typically shifts to some larger but more exciting challenge, “How do I grow my company?”

virtual assistants to grow business

In various ways, business development represents a different type of startup phase, however this time with various goals, objectives and risks. An entrepreneur won’t have the financial capacity to undertake big risks at this time and must therefore become more strategic and purposeful in his or her approach. The best choice? Integrate virtual assistants into the intend to provide several advantages.

1. Realign your budget.

The number one reason people hire virtual assistants would be to reduce their cost of business. Over a regular or full-time employee, a virtual assistant costs less because the business proprietor doesn’t pay benefits.

Also, a virtual assistant, like a sole proprietor of his or own small business, covers those expenses. Thus, it’s not necessary to allocate funds for further Internet bandwidth, power and rent. It’s estimated that hiring virtual assistants can help you save around 40 percent running a business expenses.

These savings can then be re-aligned or re-channeled with other facets of your company, like a digital marketing campaign, or an upgrade to your operating systems.

2. Scale your business.

If your financials reveal that your amount of business has been steadily and constantly increasing, but turnaround time for deliverables has markedly slowed down, it may be time for you to scale up your business.

Scaling requires additional man- and woman-power to support the increasing volume of work. At this time, the very last thing you will want to do is to impede your momentum because of poor service or inventory shortfalls. So, you’ll be adding more and more people, but, due to wide cost differentials, full-time employees will probably be unthinkable.

Virtual assistants, however, won’t keep the incremental costs lower but keep your business flexible. How?

Virtual assistants don’t have set work schedules, you are able to assign them to shifts that need greater attention.

You spend a shorter period training because virtual assistants curently have the knowledge and competency level to get the job finished.

Since virtual assistants take presctiption a contractual basis, they may be easily terminated and replaced.

When scaling up your business, using a virtual assistance agency is your smartest choice because its personnel happen to be selected for his or her experience and reviews from past and current clients. They can easily replace your present virtual assistant if that engagement doesn’t yield productive results.

3. Organize your business.

A glaring weakness of most entrepreneurs is their lack of organizational skill. That isn’t necessarily a shortcoming, it’s just that with so much try to do, the need to organize normally takes a backseat to more valuable tasks. Yet, organization encourages greater productivity.

Fortunately, what may be your weakness in organization is a virtual assistant’s strength, especially if she or he has the experience that will help you find the best frameworks for any system which will organize your company. If you are not tech-savvy, a virtual assistant can generate a virtual workplace where everything from project management and file-sharing, to time-keeping and communication can be achieved.

A virtual workplace in a nutshell makes it much simpler to delegate work, track performance and collaborate frequently together with your virtual team. You will get more work done and minimize the potential risks of mistakes and oversights.

4. Delegate non-essential tasks.

The next valid reason for hiring virtual assistants would be to free you, the entrepreneur, from nonessential tasks. Included in this are:

  • Phone call coverage
  • Email filtering
  • Calendar management
  • Appointment setting
  • CRM updates
  • Social media management
  • Payroll preparation
  • Bookkeeping

While you probably have the abilities to do all or many of these tasks, you’ll definitely not have the time. And even should you choose, your available time is much better allocated to functions that need your core competency or are directly related to generating revenues for the business.

5. Capitalize on specialization.

Virtual assistants aren’t restricted to personal assistant “secretarial” services. Over the years, because the have to streamline costs is continuing to grow, and the Internet has grown its significance within the global business environment, the virtual assistance industry has likewise undergone a transformation. Specifically, the industry opened its doors to more specialized and technical skills to support demand across a wide spectrum of services. Now you can find virtual assistants for an additional specialized skills:

  • Website design and development
  • SEO
  • Content management services
  • Digital marketing
  • Blogging
  • Software development
  • Medical, legal and audio Transcription
  • Translation services
  • Inventory management
  • Data protection and security
  • Market research

This is just a short-list featuring 11 currently in-demand services. But it shows the many possibilities for building a team of virtual assistants to cover different areas of your business.

6. Build a strategic partnership.

A common misconception of individuals not familiar with virtual assistants is that these are simply “hired guns”: After they have completed the assignment, they’ll make you for the following one. But that’s far from the truth. Keep in mind, for example, that virtual assistants own their own businesses. As if you, they too want to boost their enterprise Therefore it’s within their interest to consistently perform far above expectations to be able to keep your account.

Shared interest equals a strategic partnership. When working with your virtual assistant, bring her or him within your process. Indoctrinate your assistant inside your culture, open the virtual floor and permit her or him the chance to share ideas. Collaboration is really a powerful tool which will bring your business one stage further. When both parties are motivated to achieve a typical goal, spectacular results may occur.

An online assistant, then, is not just an individual contracted to accomplish a project from the remote location online. Properly utilized, a virtual assistant may become your “secret weapon” in building your business, by being one for reds of the double-edged sword. A virtual assistant is definitely an asset guaranteed to decrease your business costs significantly without compromising your productivity. Actually, your assistant increases productivity exponentially.

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