How Important is it to Set High Goals?

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In business, and in life, you tend to hear a lot of the same things. “You need to set goals”, or “Motivation is a choice”, and even “Anything is possible”. While these are all true statements in order to achieve success, I think due to the over usage of these phrases, the more you hear them the less powerful they become.

How many times have you heard someone say “Don’t just have goals, but write them down”? You probably have heard it so many times that it means little to you anymore. A lot of people think as long as they are aware of their goals why would they have to write them down? Well, I found a great clip of a famous college football coach, that when faced with struggle and adversity, was able to list out his goals and then achieve them. So watch the video below and ask yourself, how important is it to actually write your high goals down?

The First Step to Success is Listing Your Goals from Ali Mayar on Vimeo.

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