How I Stay Fit As An Entrepreneur

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Getting and staying in shape is no walk in the park. Well, even if it is, it is far more likely to be a very brisk walk to a light jog, as opposed to say an afternoon stroll. Add to that the time crunch realities of entrepreneurship or self-employment, and the task of staying fit becomes further compounded.

As an entrepreneur with years of practice in trying to get in shape while I manage the gazillion responsibilities on my plate, I must say I have become increasingly better at staying fit. I am slowly but surely mastering the art of working out effectively so as to maximize my efforts in the gym – yielding greater results in half the time. My secret weapon is lifting weights.

How I Use Lifting Weights To Help Me Stay Fit

Lifting weights is an effective way for entrepreneurs like myself to get fit as it increases the body’s lean muscle mass, resulting in a stronger, fitter body and higher metabolism. In other words, you burn more calories overall (even after you’ve finished working out) and do so at a faster rate. Here’s are 3 ways I incorporate lifting weights into my daily routine:

1. Use free weights

I use free weights (popularly called dumbbells) when I’m either outside of the gym or need to add variety to my lifting routine. I also include them in my cardio sessions to add moderate resistance for the extra burn. Free weights need not weigh as much as weights you use with machines in the gym. Finally, free weights are fairly portable, allowing me to take my workouts on the go with me – which is great.

2. Resistance bands

Although using resistance bands is not akin to lifting weights in the real sense, I find they are still great for getting and staying fit. Resistance bands help me get the job done when I cannot get to a gym. They are dynamic, helping me build a flexible kind of strength, and they weigh virtually nothing. They are ultra portable and effective.

3. Going to the gym

Going to the gym, is, of course, a no-brainer. While I have been able to find effective alternatives such as the ones listed above, the truth is, heading to the gym is the best place to get a good weight lifting session in. For starters, there is a myriad of machines to choose from the challenge different muscles, and help work them in different ways and at varying weights.

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