Finding Inspiration For The Workweek

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Every business is built around an idea, an inspiration to create something new and innovative. What separates great businesses from mediocre ones is the fact that entrepreneurs and employees are inspired and passionate about what they do.

Inspiration is an amazing thing. It can encourage you to move mountains and help you achieve more than what you dreamed of. That said, you may find that you lose your passion, even if it’s just a little bit, when confronted by the day to day hassles of running a business. When this happens it is important to take steps that will help your find inspiration for the workweek.

Words Do Matter
You will be familiar with many idioms and sayings that express the value and power of words. When you feel less than inspired, it is time to seek inspiration in others. Choose the powerful words of a leader who inspires you, write them on a piece of paper and place it prominently at your workplace and in your home. Every day when you get up you need to summon up all your creative energies and make the day the best that it can be.

Celebrate Every Moment
Life should not be merely lived, but celebrated. Each day holds tremendous potential. It is like the blank canvas that faces an artist. It is for you to decide how you want the painting to look at the end of the day.

You have the power to transform your workday and that of others. It is crucial that you celebrate and live every moment. When you are with another person, give them your complete attention. Put your electronic devices away when you go into a meeting and ask others to do the same. For the duration of the meeting all attention and focus must remain on the issues at hand.
Be the Best that You Can Be

Your physical well being influences your mind and spirit. Challenge yourself to stay fit. Inside a strong and supple body lives a mind that knows no boundaries. Go outside; take a brisk walk, jog or run. Make a change in your life and let it be a permanent one.

Take time to think about how you treat your body and mind. Make a lifestyle change, eat healthy, drink less. Sit for five minutes every day by yourself. Keep your mind clear of any thoughts and let it calm down. Do whatever you need to, to gain control over your body and mind.

Stay Young
If you have ever seen kids in a playground, you will know that they are able to start a conversation without much thought. It is important for you to stay young and free of inhibitions. Take the time to try something new every day. It does not have to be something dramatic like sky diving. You could simply change the route you take to work or spend some time talking to someone on your team. You could also try a new sensory experience such as trying a new dish or listening to a song you have not heard before.

Prioritize Your Day
This one may seem like a popular management mantra but it works just as well when you want to add some inspiration to your workweek. Instead of beginning your day by checking your emails and returning phone calls, prioritize your tasks for the day. Begin with the most important one and work your way down the list. The sense of satisfaction that you get from doing a job well can be a powerful source of inspiration that powers you through your day and week.

These are just some of my ideas on finding inspiration for the workweek. I would be happy to hear your innovative thoughts too.

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