Essential Traits Needed For Entrepreneurial Success

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I’d argue that most entrepreneurs who attempt to start their own business end up failing at some point. Most people are not born entrepreneurs and with the barrier to enter higher than ever, very few people will succeed.

However, the case can be made that entrepreneurial success requires several traits or characteristics. Based on my own experience in the business world, I’d say these are the most important traits.

Open Mindedness

The majority of successful entrepreneurs are well aware of the value of learning from others. They are flexible, they ask for recommendation and they have a sponge-like approach to soaking up best practices.  The fear of failure can cause you to hold fast onto your vision; however, being rigid will not serve you.

Unyielding Passion

Being advised to find your passion and do what you love can seem like something of a cliché.  Yet, it is easier said than done.  Attaining entrepreneurial success requires dedication and commitment.  Being mildly enthused or ambivalent about the service or product you offer will not sustain you during the tough times.  Finding something you are so passionate about you want to share it with everyone you come across will give you purpose.  It will also fuel your drive for success.


When starting a business, you have to have marathon-like focus.  Being successful requires the ability to live with uncertainty and hurdle over incredible obstacles for many years.  Entrepreneurs who have the capacity to power through the disappointment and unavoidable failures have a much better likelihood of discovering their market and surviving their inevitable gaffes. This trait has other names like persistence, resilience and perseverance.


Among the defining entrepreneurial traits for success is the capacity to identify an opportunity and envision something others have not.  Successful entrepreneurs possess a natural curiosity that spots overlooked niches.  This puts them ahead of emerging fields and innovation.  They visualize another world and are capable of effectively communicating that vision to investors, staff members and customers.

Forward Thinking
Individuals who have achieved entrepreneurial success constantly think ahead.  They may occasionally deviate from their roadmap; however, they always have a backup plan. Having clearly-established goals will prevent you from becoming stuck.  Although goals may be evolving consistently, if you are unaware of where you want to go, you will most likely not get anywhere.

Consistent Flow of Ideas

It is great to have a project that is doing well.  However, this is not satisfying to successful entrepreneurs; they are constantly in search of what’s next.  They are aware that success is a lifestyle and not a destination.

These are just some of the common traits for success shared by thriving entrepreneurs.

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