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Stay Fit During The Holidays Ali Mayar

Best Way to Shed Pounds This Holiday Season

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Choosing an effective bodyweight exercises is essential for losing weight. Goals cannot be achieved with a healthy diet alone. Good exercise routines are an important part of your weight loss plan. You also need the best exercises to burn fat and lose weight, as well as tone muscles. Choosing a few good exercises for your […]

Ali Mayar Fitness Hacks

3 Fitness Hacks for the Holidays

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National holidays are usually times when family members and friends gather around and perform various recreational activities. Food plays an important role in the festivities. Unfortunately, eating binges occur quite often during those times, and people gain an average of two pounds. The following are three fun fitness hacks for the holidays. They are tips that […]


How I Stay Fit As An Entrepreneur

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Getting and staying in shape is no walk in the park. Well, even if it is, it is far more likely to be a very brisk walk to a light jog, as opposed to say an afternoon stroll. Add to that the time crunch realities of entrepreneurship or self-employment, and the task of staying fit […]

business partnership challenges

Challenges Confronting Every Business Partnership

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For each Danielle Weisberg as well as Carly Zakin-type union to leave Silicon Valley, there’s been quite a few soured relationships. It’s not hard to view why. Business partners spend a whole lot of time together making career-threatening decisions. They need to support one another through good and the bad and lots of isolation, plus they […]

Bully Post Featured on Yahoo Finance

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Hey everyone! If you do not remember, last Spring I had an employee who was being bullied. We would pick him up from his high school to show everyone that we had his back. Today, that same story was featured on Yahoo Finance and was expanded upon. The picture below links to the post on […]