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Ali Mayar's 5 Business Tips for 2018

Ali Mayar’s 5 Business Tips For 2018

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The start of a new year provides the perfect opportunity to reflect on the progress of your business over the past year. It is also an ideal time to make plans concerning the developments you would like to see in the New Year. Below are some tips to help your business succeed in 2018. Embrace […]

Ali Mayar Inspirations

What Keeps Me Inspired Every Day

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Inspiration and responsibility should not mix. At some point, we might think that people or we are responsible for are our inspiration, but in truth it really depends on what makes us wake up in the morning with the sense of purpose that we need to tackle another work day. We want to feel excited […]

How Important is it to Set High Goals?

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In business, and in life, you tend to hear a lot of the same things. “You need to set goals”, or “Motivation is a choice”, and even “Anything is possible”. While these are all true statements in order to achieve success, I think due to the over usage of these phrases, the more you hear […]