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4 Keys To Developing A Successful Mobile Business Strategy

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According to data from the Pew Research Center, 95% of Americans own a mobile device of some kind. Out of these, 77% own a smartphone and more importantly, industry experts expect this figure to grow steadily in the near future. It is estimated that there are more mobile devices than the world’s population (7.2 billion […]

Competitive Advantage

Business Strategies To Gain Competitive Advantages

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Adopting a viable business strategy is a sure-fire way to improving odds of success. However, devising a good plan is not enough. Strategy execution is undoubtedly a real ball of wax. According to a Harvard Business Review study, the majority of Chief Executive Officers face considerable challenges when it comes to implementation. For execution to […]


4 Keys To Developing A Solid Business Strategy

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According to data published by Forbes, 90% of startups eventually fail. Although businesses fail due to various reasons, perhaps the most common reason is lack of a solid business strategy. With this in mind, here are four keys to developing a business strategy that will enhance your business’s chances of success. Product/Market Fit Research carried out […]

Platinum Rapid Funding Group

Reflections: Platinum Rapid Funding Group Originated $180 Million in 2016

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Taking time to reflect is an important part of seeing the future. I’ve made it a habit in my business career to take moments to look back on progress so major strides forward can be made. I’m pleased to announce Platinum Rapid Funding Group originated $180 million in 2016. It was an unbelievable year and […]