Career Choices: Should You Go For Something You Know or Find a New Challenge?

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Choosing a career is definitely one of the most major decisions that one has to take during his or her lifetime. Picking out a career can be a simple and easy decision for some people, an extensive and challenging process for some. It goes without saying that selecting the right career for you is extremely important for long-term success and personal development.

One of the most common questions when choosing a career is: should I go with something that I know or should I find a career that will challenge me? This can be very tricky for most people because this is a case of stability vs. personal development. Should you stay with what you know and potentially become stagnant? Or should you explore your options and find something that will challenge you? Here are some guidelines to help you out:

Know Yourself

Among the most pivotal factors one will ever apply to their lives isn’t just choosing the profession they would commit their lives on. Long before one immerses in a chosen career, one should first evaluate themselves. Several things are important with regards to career choice. A number of the factors men and women take into account include their abilities, passions, and beliefs, together with their very own individual qualities.

Know Your Goals

You must also take into account what your long-term goals are, what you need to accomplish outside the career (like extra education, marriage or family). Will it be fine for you to travel around? What work hours are appropriate for you? Are you prepared to relocate for the job? Are you ready to start from the bottom and work your way up? These types of questions will inevitably show up during your search for your profession, and the faster you find out what’s acceptable, the better.

Never Compromise Your Beliefs

Most importantly, what’s ultimately critical when facing a career crossroads is staying with what you believe in. It might be really appealing to leap at the offer that appears to have everything you could ever want, but it has this “minor” catch that you need to step on the toes of other people so you can climb to the top. If you can’t accept that without compromising your belief, then it’s better that you don’t accept. Usually the best path is the toughest road since by the end of it, you will have the many goals and successes you always wanted.

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