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It is an undeniable fact that today’s generation of music has been influenced by technological advancement like the internet. Songs gain fame more rapidly than before thanks to YouTube and many social networking sites.

Soundcloud. This website was founded with the idea to give musicians the avenue to share their own works with others however the progress became a huge success. The website’s name spread virally across social networking sites, with more and more people sharing songs that they like online. If you are one of those music lovers who want to explore and expand their horizon in music, you can discover new talents and fresh works at Soundcloud. With its creative wave distribution platform, Soundcloud enables listeners to pick out specific parts of the song that they like and even comment on them.

This Is My Jam. Sometimes, music lovers feel like it is not enough to listen repeatedly on their own type of music. Most probably they wonder about what others such as themselves prefer to listen. With the creation of This Is My Jam, music lovers from all over the world can now publish their very own playlist online and check out music jams of other users as well. It isn’t just about listening to a single song but a whole playlist of musical delight created by other people sharing the same interest.

National Public Radio. If you are digging more into trends and updates in music, National Public Radio is the place to go online. With so many articles, fresh interviews, reviews and even sessions, NPR represents a one-stop-shop to music lovers who want to know more about the music industry. National Public Radio takes pride in its diverse selection of music genre, topic discussions and featured artists.

Hype Machine. One of the easiest ways to find fresh and bubbly music, Hype Machine is a database of mp3 music taken from different online sources. Site users can easily find songs and favorite them to include them on their own playlist. When one wishes to check out a specific song, he will be given the links and guide on how to purchase the song and share it throughout social media sites.

With all of these sites, I tend to type in The Beatles to find some rarities or other bands that are influenced by them. I will leave you with this video I found of a hilarious interview between John and the others! Find me on Innovation Insights for more stuff like this!

Hilarious Beatles Interview with John and the Rest from Ali Mayar on Vimeo.

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