Ali Mayar’s 5 Business Tips For 2018

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The start of a new year provides the perfect opportunity to reflect on the progress of your business over the past year. It is also an ideal time to make plans concerning the developments you would like to see in the New Year. Below are some tips to help your business succeed in 2018.

Ali Mayar's 5 Business Tips for 2018

Embrace Change

The New Year presents a blank slate that business owners can use to build on the best practices of the old year. It also provides opportunities to find new ways to make improvements. Be open to recommendations for change made by superiors or work along with employees to assist them in embracing necessary changes.


The first quarter of the year is typically downtime for retailers and a number of other businesses. It would be wise to use this time to strategize and formulate a realistic and effective plan for the rest of the year. This is also the perfect time to assess what worked and what did not. Additionally, downtime can be used to come up with ways to eliminate inefficiencies.

It is vital to have a target or starting point to correctly identify how well a program or process is currently working or how it worked over the past year. This will enable you to make a comparison between the year-end results and the original target goal, which will help you to figure out how well the company has done.

Research New Methods

One way to make sure the year will be bigger and better than the previous one is to find new methods to utilize in 2018 that are sure to yield favorable results. This could involve launching a new product or service, or finding more effective ways to manage cash flow.

Show Appreciation

It is highly essential to show appreciation for your employees and clients as this is a fundamental human need. Doing this at the start of the year can set a favorable tone for the year ahead. Many times the end of the yar causes a feeling of “burn out” with employees. The end of the year tends to be a busy time for many companies. At the start of the new year, show your appreciation for how hard your employees worked during this time and during the previous year.

Employees respond positively to appreciation expressed through acknowledgment of their efforts because it demonstrates their work is valued. When employees are valued, their level of productivity and satisfaction rises. This further motivates them to maintain or improve their remarkable standard.

It is also essential to show appreciation to your customers. Feeling unappreciated could prompt customers to do business with another company that will show they value their business. There are many reasons customer appreciation is essential. It can assist in making customers happy and happy customers are more likely to continue doing business with you. Additionally, they could also speak well of your company to others. This can assist in building the reputation of your brand.


You can mentor young employees at your company or opt to mentor underprivileged youth or other individuals who aspire to be in your field. Being exposed to mentorship assists young and aspiring business owners to set goals, run a lean operation, master the art of operating a business, and avoid common startup errors. Sharing your experience and knowledge as an established entrepreneur, you will find it quite relaxing to teach and help others to realize their dreams.

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