An Interview With Internet Entrepreneur, Agam Berry

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Agam Berry is far from a newcomer to the entrepreneurial world and is a name you should get to Agam Berryknow. He is a businessman and mentor who has led the way and taught many individuals how to become the successful entrepreneurs they are today.

Since receiving his Bachelor’s Degree from Punjab University back in 2010 – he was been a key asset to the digital marketing world with his specialized method of direct response marketing. Direct response marketing provides a track able and large scale analytic method to help bring in sales for businesses of all kinds.

Berry is currently consulting in The Big Apple where he serves as a second set of eyes for many companies looking for areas of improvement to boost sales. His analytic methods and eye for details make him a highly desired consultant within his industry.

What’s your favorite thing about working in your field?

The best part about doing what I do is helping others achieve the success that I have over the years. As a business owner or a company owner, you are consumed with so many other things that you may not have the eye to catch a hole in your funnel and that’s why I do what I do. When I am able to spot the key factor standing between an entrepreneur and sales success they are seeking – it’s a great feeling.

What is the big “secret” behind your consulting method?

It’s all about analytics – there is power in data and there are lots of answers to some of a businesses key questions in data. Not everyone is a numbers person or a data person and that’s okay – but it is important to have someone with that keen eye who can spot the flaws and help you fill the gaps. All of my clients are always surprised and how many questions I can answer for them based off of my analytical style of thinking.

What is the biggest trend that you see in the digital marketing world?

Two words: Crypto currency. This is a trend that some companies are on to and other are oblivious to but it is a hidden gem in the field that is sure to make a huge impact. It has the power to completely transform the way customers buy goods and the way business owners sell them.

What is one skill you think every business person needs?

Negotiation is definitely a skill that every business person needs to have, no matter if you are selling online or in a brick-and-mortar setting. Being able to negotiate with potential customers is a part of the sales process and learning how to effectively do this can be the difference between success and failure.

In a cut throat competitive world, negotiation skills are essential and will definitely in handy. One key trick to remember is: When a potential customer asks for the price of an item and exclaims that it is a bit high, you shouldn’t automatically reduce the price. When someone is in a buying position, they know that they have the freedom to ask for more than they can get so that they can get at least half of that after negotiating. Don’t give in to their request immediately. Settle for a price that gives you reasonable returns.

What piece of advice would you offer to fellow entrepreneurs reading out there?

I would say that no goal is unattainable. Some entrepreneurs tend to get bogged down and overwhelmed. I stood up seven times and fell down eight before I achieved the level of success that I have today. All it takes is that one realization when evaluating your business/product that will open every door imaginable. Keep your eyes open and always be willing to challenge everything.

If you’re looking to fine tune your marketing skills, brush up on the latest digital trends or check out some social media best practices check out Agam Berry’s YouTube channel or connect with him on LinkedIn.

(Update 8/23/18: Agam was recently featured in an article discussing the “Benefits of E-Commerce Model” with the Economic Times.)

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