7 Intangibles that All Successful People Possess

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Regardless if you are first starting in a new job or looking to get your career on course, the basic principles of success will always be the same. Time and again, certain qualities aid you in getting to a higher level – and subsequently after that. However what are these qualities that detached two people of similar skill? Or intangibles that enable the seemingly less capable to go above the individuals who have it all figured out as far as intelligence is concerned?

Here are the intangibles that separate those who succeed and those who don’t:


Let’s be realistic: there’ll always be instances of uncertainness within our lives. The main difference is how you deal with them. You could go on and decide to ensure you possess an illusion of security, or be prepared to plunge into the unknown. Being good at difficult situations and challenges is what will trigger change and push you forward.

Refusing to Quit from Ali Mayar on Vimeo.


Successful people are also effective leaders. With that said, you simply can’t be a leader if you’re reluctant. Becoming a confident leader is far more than simply figuring out when you should talk; it also requires backing up your role with reliable and concrete sources. You don’t want to turn into a weak leader that throws arguments just for the sake of arguing.


Individuals who take it easy and count on things to be given to them could wind up waiting for quite a while. Grab opportunities as they’re presented to you. Don’t wait around for a job promotion; rather, work towards it and ensure that the boss knows your enthusiasm.


Being truthful with yourself will help you to really search hard and see what it requires to attain your goals. Are you frightened of advancing to your aspirations? Recognize it. You’d be blown away at how fast you’ll move towards your objective once you do so.

Ownership and Accountability

The concept of ownership is to carry out a certain function very well that it develops into your area of expertise. Once you slip up, you need to assume responsibility for your blunders and correct them in order that they are not repeated in the future. Maintaining a sense of accountability is considered a large key to success in all walks of life.


Failure is a part of life but it’s not reason for you to drop everything and head for the nearest exit. While it can be disheartening once your plans go bust, it’s all part of the learning process.

Letting Go of the Fear of Failure from Ali Mayar on Vimeo.


What exactly do you genuinely enjoy in life? Successful individuals put in passion into the things they do. Even if they have to go outside their comfort zones, they will do everything that it takes because they want to pursue their passion.

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