6 Factors That May Lead to Lower Workplace Productivity

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All employees working in the same organization have different attitudes and personalities. The employees have to spend more than 60% of their waking time in their working place. There are many environmental factors along with mental state that effect the performance of the employees. According to the experts and a recent research study, the mental framework is the main factor that directly impacts the performance of the employees and this ultimately effects overall productivity of the organization. I’m a firm believer in “practicing what I preach”, workplace productivity is imperative to mine and my businesses’ success, I’d love for you to take a look at this press release on cbs19.tv to learn more.

Following are some of the important factors that lower down the workplace productivity:

1. Stress

Sometimes, the employees have to work hard and meet several deadlines. They have to face lots of pressure for it. This pressure to do the work on time causes stress. Those employees who sustain and perform well under such pressure are grouped as the best employees. Usually people have to face stressful problems and it influences the employee’s performance adversely.

2. Lack of resources

Resources play a vital role when an employee has to enhance their productivity. Both the time and material products (laptops, systems and many others) are important to ensure high performance of the employees. In the absence of any of these resources, the employee will be unable to perform their tasks efficiently.

3. Poor team member selection

One essential factor for the low workplace productivity is the poor selection of the team members. If the employees in the team are not productive then how can you improve the performance of the project? If only one member from the team has the working capability, then the group’s performance will be much lower. For effective group productivity, all the team members should be efficient in completing their work together and on time so as to meet deadlines appropriately.

4. Gossips and Harassment

According recent research, the employee productivity and the performance of the organization are highly affected due to gossip about the organization’s staff. In the same way, harassment is a situation in which the aggressive remarks or actions adversely effect employee productivity. Such a harassment environment creates tension that ultimately lowers the workplace productivity.

5. Discrimination and favoritism

Discrimination and favouritism of the employees in the eye of boss is a great factor that influences the employee’s performance. If a boss doesn’t appreciate an employee for all his hard work, then he will be discouraged. It always has a negative effect on the employee’s performance.

6. Reducing health state

Depleting employee’s health may be the reason for lowering his ability to perform work. Poor health precautions will cause raise in absenteeism influencing the organizational goals. The organizational management should provide adequate resources to the employees for their health.
All these are the factors that can lower the employee’s productivity and ultimately the organization’s productivity. In order to improve the productivity, the organizational management should take some essential steps like health precautions, improved infrastructure, minimization of favouritism and discrimination.

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