4 Deadliest Social Media Marketing Mistakes

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Today, we all live in a social world and social media, with all its pros and cons, is a rather wonderful thing. With the explosion in popularity of social media, it’s not unheard of for companies to capitalize on its power. However, many companies are way too eager that they easily fall into the trap of deadly social media marketing mistakes. And then they find themselves wondering what exactly went wrong. Today in this article, you will learn the deadliest social media marketing mistakes that you should avoid.

A Business Page is Not a Friend Page

This is usually a basic mistake that lots of small and local businesses consistently commit. Instead of creating their company as a Facebook page which followers can “Like”, many businesses still build Facebook profiles as though their company is a person. This will require the customers to add your company as a friend so as to interact with you. Make sure to keep personal and business accounts separate, and make a Facebook business page.

Incomplete Social Media Profile

Imagine searching for a local restaurant online, finding their Facebook page, and only to find out that they failed to indicate their business hours, contact number or any other information such as the menu. If you are the owner of that restaurant, you just missed out on a potential customer. Consider your business’ Facebook page like a zero cost version of your site and ensure to add any fundamental information a possible customer may want to know about you.

Not Constantly Updating

If you are not constantly posting, then your followers will see you less. If your page is out of sight, it’s out of mind. Don’t just create a Facebook or Twitter profile and be done with it. You need a constant stream of updates to let your customers to know that your business is alive and kicking. Not regularly updating means that you’re missing out on potential business.

Too Much Self-Promotion

Fill your timeline with all sales talk and you will find the number of your followers thinning out. Endless sales push will only aggravate followers which could lead to muting out or just outright stop following the business. Be sure that you also share useful and interesting content to your followers. Come across an informative article that’s in line with your industry? Share it and ask your followers for their two cents. Social media is not just a one-way communication.

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