3 Fitness Hacks for the Holidays

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National holidays are usually times when family members and friends gather around and perform various recreational activities. Food plays an important role in the festivities. Unfortunately, eating binges occur quite often during those times, and people gain an average of two pounds.

Ali Mayar Fitness Hacks

The following are three funĀ fitness hacks for the holidays. They are tips that I have tried and tested during times of gathering. The tips will most likely work for you if you use them as explained during tough times:

1. Make Yourself a Nibbler

You have more control over your eating selections if you host your own holiday party. If you’re visiting relatives, however, your grandma and cousins will probably try to peer pressure you into eating everything on the holiday menu. You can avoid being rude and still stay trim by turning yourself into a nibbler. Look at the items that are up for grabs, and then put very small portions of the healthy foods on your plate so that people can see that you are clearly eating. For example, put some small helpings of broccoli, green beans, spinach or corn on your plate. Choose only the fittest food items that are out on the table, and eat them with a smile if they are acceptable.

2. Get Active With the Family

Exercise is always a bonafide way to kick-start your metabolism. You can take full advantage of having your family members near you by suggesting that you all participate in a rigorous sporting activity. Basketball, football, baseball and volley ball are examples of sports that you may invite your family members to. If you do not have the funds to purchase sporting equipment, you could always have races outside. Your legs are the equipment. Playing sports will allow you to get the exercise you need, and it will strengthen the bonds that you have with your family members.

3. Get Creative With Water

Water is the key to your success for repetitive fat burning during the holiday season. Make sure that you keep drinking eight glasses of water every day as recommended by most health experts. You have a few alternatives if you do not enjoy drinking straight water. You can use lemon juice if you do not enjoy the taste of plain water. You can also boil your water and then let a bag full of green tea simmer in it. The green tea will boost your metabolism. Gatorade is an alternative if you cannot find it within your soul to accept any of the other suggestions.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the fitness hacks that I described. Stay on the alert for some additional hacks in the future or follow me on Twitter here -> AliMayar

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