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agile leaders

The 4 Abilities Required of Agile Leaders

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Entrepreneurs possess a group of leadership skills which make them quite different of all the other worker bee. They decide to walk in the future less traveled by breaking away from corporate America and moving out by themselves, bucking trends and also at times, even breaking the rules. Thinking creatively and forging your own personal […]

ignite innovation

7 Ways to Ignite Innovation and Surpass Your Competition

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Innovation is believed inspired by creativity, movement, belief and action. It’s about opening proper effort into new possibilities by moving past fixed and rigid thinking into more nontraditional and risk-taking thoughts. To stay competitive running a business, innovation is everything. There are seven secrets of developing and doing it on innovation. 1. See the need […]

creativity myths

Stop Telling Yourself These 6 Creativity Myths

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Your pre-conceived notions about creativity may be stopping you from proceeding from real innovation. Liberate by understanding all six of these myths. Myth 1: I am not an innovative person. Reality: Whenever you label yourself, whenever you state that you’re a creative or aren’t an innovator, you’re really making decisions by what actions you’ll or […]

leadership development strategies

The Best Strategy for Developing Leaders Is No Strategy

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Following are the best strategies for developing leaders by Ali Mayar. Let us see Ali Mayar’s point of view on this. What is your leadership development strategy? It’s a question I’ve already been asked lots of times. Many times, it occurs when someone gets close enough towards the places where I’ve been privileged to guide, […]

entrepreneurial motivation

How Big Goals Supercharge Entrepreneurial Motivation

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It doesn’t matter what you need to do, it’s no secret that virtually whatever you accomplish will be a direct consequence of your motivation. One thing that is painfully obvious in dealing with people who say they would like to achieve success is simply that they only wish to be successful. Yet when the time […]