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how to become a morning person

5 Almost Effortless Ways to Become a Morning Person

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Have you got a “love-hate” relationship using the morning? Yeah, yeah, you know that getting out of bed early will make you more productive, focused and motivated and that’s why successful entrepreneurs like Sir Richard Branson and CEOs of multi-billion dollar the likes of Tory Burch and Indra Nooyi (CEO of PepsiCo) awaken prior to […]

protecting an idea

Protecting an Idea Is Easy, Selling an Idea Is Hard

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The concepts I licensed when I began freelancing were quite simple. Before I broke out by myself, I’d opened a novelty gift store and worked in a toy startup, so initially, I stuck to what I knew. Whenever a company in those industries liked certainly one of my ideas, they decided to pay me a […]

entrepreneur tips

7 Things Every Twentysomething Entrepreneur Must Know

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If you’re young Entrepreneur, then chances are you don’t see yourself “climbing” the organization ladder for the following 40 years. But, before you begin changing the world and celebrating the first IPO, here are some stuff you should know starting using the biggest mistake most young entrepreneurs make. 1. Go for the ‘minimum effective dose.’ […]

start own business

5 Books to Read Before Starting Your Business

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Starting a new business isn’t any small undertaking. There are lots of factors that need considering, and it’s important to complete your research and make preparations yourself whenever possible, with a few 80 % of recent businesses failing within the initial few years. In the last fifteen years, I’ve had the chance to be the […]

company culture

5 Ways to Survey Employees About Company Culture

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Whether it be some values, customs or traditions, your organization culture is really a group of collective aspirations which will define the way your business grows. Healthy business cultures can inspire individuals to navigate through challenging times and produce work far beyond their pay grade. Though culture is frequently invoked with success, cultural failures might […]