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product ideas

Reasons behind Companies Looking for Your Product Ideas

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As I explain which for several years I designed a living from licensing my product suggestions to powerful companies for residual income, individuals are often dubious. Are companies really searching for ideas from independent inventors? Don’t they have all of the creative talent they require? Exactly what do I must offer them? How could i […]

entrepreneur game

Train Your Mind to Win the Entrepreneurship Game

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Taking the plunge from full-time worker to business proprietor isn’t any small feat. To move from the stable job having a steady income to one where uncertainty may be the flavor during the day every day takes courage, competence as well as confidence. First and foremost, it requires an emotional tolerance strong enough to deal […]

dream business

10 Key Questions to Determine Whether Your Dream Is a Business

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Business desires are enjoyable, however they don’t modify the globe or even allow you to anything should you can’t using them as a real possibility. Several aspiring business owners tend to be stuck within the concept period, and just several possess the discipline and also the insight to maneuver to the performance period. There isn’t […]


Your Brand Is Not Too Good For That

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Before you decide to read any more, relax and take a moment to remember, Mr./Ms. Private Business Owner, that you’re not Apple. You aren’t Louis Vuitton. You aren’t Tiffany. Okay, since we’ve got that taken care of, I will let you know something you have to hear. It might sting just a little but it […]


What to Do Next When You Know Your Business Is Here to Stay

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Even the majority of experienced business owners sometimes struggle to begin to see the big picture. Obviously you’re committed to achievement, however it’s difficult to predict the actual long-term, business-wide impact of each and every main choice. If you’re an increasing ecommerce store, pressure to achieve success is increased. An emerging ecommerce retailer may be […]