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6 Ways To Always Hire The Best Candidate For The Job

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For your company to succeed, it is obvious that you should hire the person for every position in your firm. This is why you can’t just hire anyone that passes their application as it would not only hurt the company’s budget but it can also ruin your reputation as a staffing expert. When it comes […]

Bully Post Featured on Yahoo Finance

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Hey everyone! If you do not remember, last Spring I had an employee who was being bullied. We would pick him up from his high school to show everyone that we had his back. Today, that same story was featured on Yahoo Finance and was expanded upon. The picture below links to the post on […]

Some Great Motivational Quotes to Help Inspire Leadership

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Choosing a great leader is difficult; to be one is certainly even harder. The capability to successfully apply ideas and practices; motivate other people to have faith in themselves, their ideas, as well as your leadership; in addition to maintaining an open communication, but still impose rules, doesn’t necessarily make the leader role suitable for […]

Getting The Most From Your Team By Discovering Their Hidden Talents

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Many managers assume that their team members would take every little chance they get just to get less work. This is simply a misguided notion. What they do not know about the dirty little secret of corporate America is that many employees like it when they are assigned with challenging jobs. Unchallenged employees are not […]

10 Books Every Business Owner Needs To Read

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Being a business owner is a rather tough and taxing endeavor. You are busy. We are always busy. Perhaps too busy to read up on some books and think, “Hmm, this one looks useful, I should pick this up”. However, any business owner will tell you that you can never know too much. The art […]