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Characteristics of an Ideal Business Owner by Ali Mayar

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How do small businesses manage to grow and become trading giants in the challenging industry that they belong? How do starting businessmen emerge as successful entrepreneurs in the business world ruled by tough competition? What did most business tycoons do in their business venture to maximize the growth potential of their companies given a dozen […]

An Incredibly Insightful Article on Motivation and Goals

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Hey guys, so on this particularly wonderful Monday, I was able searching through the cracks and corners of the internet to find a good read to get my week set on the right tone. I ended up finding this very interesting article discussing motivation, and goals. The article goes into where motivation is received from […]

Very interesting Business Video Shared by Ali Mayar

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The other day I posted a link about the different types of businesses and optimizing those types of businesses. You can find the link below. However, it got me scouring the inter webs for other videos and articles on the subject, and I came across this very interesting take on these subjects. Give it […]

New York City Living: The Best Food Carts

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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how fortunate I am to live on Long Island, so close to Manhattan! I was watching this video about the best food carts to visit in the city, and besides making me hungry, it also reminds me how special NYC is. Truly unlike anywhere else in the world. […]