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How To Handle Bullies

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This kid works for me and we heard that he was being bullied…how do I handle that? We roll up 12 deep and in the phantom to his high school to pick him up and show the kids how it’s done. Little things, done right, matter. Class dismissed.

My Feature on Alpha Kappa Psi Website

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I’m pleased to announce that I was recently featured on the Alpha Kappa Psi Website on the website! Please check out the article here: Stay tuned here for more business related tips and tricks to help you get to the next level!

Building and Keeping Up Your Business Website

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The website is the principal part of any business’ digital approach; its how your present and potential clients can most readily discover and get in touch with you. Given its crucial role, it’s unbelievable that more than half of small businesses owners said their organization doesn’t have a site. Make your website a priority. Whether […]

Business Communication Suggestions By Ali Mayar

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Communicating is right at the foundation of all our interactions, both business and private. Throughout the past five years, communication and engineering have gotten the most essential changes and shifts that affect our everyday lives. The word “revolution” often feels like an understatement. Business marketing and communication must certainly be aligned with the pace of […]