15 Things Every Newbie Needs to Know About Starting a Business

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Starting a business is thrilling as well as frightening.

I have started more companies than I’d choose to admit. In my opinion, it is a bit like driving via a heavy fog where you stand only able to see several feet while watching windshield you do not know what’s going on ahead until it’s upon you. However, the longer you’re an entrepreneur, the greater you are able to travel through that fog.

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As I have been driving with the fog for over a decade now, I figured I’d take today’s post and boil down 15 of the biggest lessons I’ve learned in the last decade of building and growing businesses. Think about these tips “stuff I wish I’d known when I was young and stupid.” Let us get for them.

1. Don’t listen to statistics.
Everyone loves to throw round the statistic that 95 % of business fail. Don’t pay attention to that — this is an excuse to help you feel at ease about quitting. In the event that number is even correct, it is because many people don’t commit, they do not follow-through towards the end or they’re stupid in the way they manage their cash.

2. Do something you like.
Don’t start something you won’t wish to accomplish in 5 years. If you’re successful, you will still do this in 5 years.

3. You are not going to know everything.
Actually, you won’t know anything when you initially start. Start anyway. Initially when i first experienced real-estate investing, I had no clue buying a house, rent a home, or evict a tenant. I believed everything out “on the task.” You’ll too.

4. Finish what you start.
Nearly every entrepreneur I know suffers from the same curse: we like to start things more than we like to finish them. In other words, if you are a good entrepreneur, you’ll have a lot of great ideas. Most of them would probably work out well and make you a lot of money. However, that doesn’t mean you should pursue them. Pick one and go with it until it dies or it makes you rich enough to buy a private island.Virtually every entrepreneur I understand is affected with exactly the same curse: we love to to begin things greater than we love to to finish them. Quite simply, if you’re a good entrepreneur, you’ll have a large amount of great ideas. Many of them would probably work out well thus making you a lot of money. However, i am not saying you should pursue them. Select one and choose it until it dies or it can make you rich enough to purchase a personal island.

5. Never partner with someone because it’s convenient.
Partner with someone since it enables you to stronger. The incorrect partner will drive you crazy, make you hate your projects and wind up causing more problems compared to what they solve.

6. You are going to suck at managing people.
It is OK, perform initially. However, this really is one task you have to improve about. Hire a helper at this time, even when it is just an online one for $3 an hour or so. You’ll have some good training on managing, with little drawback.

7. Social media probably isn’t that important.
We simply pretend it’s so we are able to take a look at cat pictures on Facebook. I’d recommend installing a Facebook newsfeed blocker, exactly like it.

8. Stop designing business cards, logos, strategic business plans and stationery.
They do not matter right now. Go construct your business and prevent doing busy work which makes you are feeling as if you are accomplishing something.

9. There’s a thin line between dedicated and obsessed.
Screw the road. Trample right over it. You have to cross that line continually, so never let anyone tell you just how you’re too obsessed with your idea. I’m completely and overwhelmingly obsessive about real-estate investing and it is OK. What are you obsessive about?

10. Don’t quit your job too soon.
Yes, you will have additional time to construct your company, but let’s be honest: there are 168 hours in a week, only 40 are consumed from your job and another 50 by sleep. You have plenty of time should you just hustle and turn off Netflix. But don’t be afraid to quit your job if you can afford it.

11. Concentrate on your higher paying tasks.
Divide up your tasks and discover what your “$10 per hour” tasks are and what your “$1,000 per hour” tasks are. Concentrate on doing more “$1,000 per hour” tasks and fewer “$10 per hour” ones. For additional about this, read Want to Make $1,000 or More Per Hour? You will find, you need to do lots of $1,000 an hour or so tasks, even though you don’t understand it. Just do much more of them.

12. Your partner and youngsters matters more than your business.
Always remember that.

13. Read a great deal.
Without having time, listen to audiobooks. And not just business books. Read motivational books, self-help books, success books, fiction books, biographies — what ever.

14. Wake up earlier.
Yes, you are able to, and you should. I don’t care if you’re not a morning person. That’s an excuse lazy people use. For more suggestions about this, browse the Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. It’s life changing.

15. Don’t be concerned about raising money.
Concentrate on creating a business so incredible people throw money to you.

Such as driving down a lonely highway on the darkish, foggy night, entrepreneurship can be a little scary. But hopefully at least one of the above tips can help you travel through the fog a little easier with increased confidence. If you are just getting to grips with your company, just remember this: keep driving with the fog. Your future self will thank you.

Have you got any extra tips you’d like to add? Or something like that you want to expand upon? Leave your comments below and let’s continue the conversation.

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