Essential Traits Needed For Entrepreneurial Success

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  I’d argue that most entrepreneurs who attempt to start their own business end up failing at some point. Most people are not born entrepreneurs and with the barrier to enter higher than ever, very few people will succeed. However, the case can be made that entrepreneurial success requires several traits or characteristics. Based on […]


How I Stay Fit As An Entrepreneur

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Getting and staying in shape is no walk in the park. Well, even if it is, it is far more likely to be a very brisk walk to a light jog, as opposed to say an afternoon stroll. Add to that the time crunch realities of entrepreneurship or self-employment, and the task of staying fit […]

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Branding Your Business Through Social Media

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Social media is involved in our lives in a way that we could have never imagined. It has many benefits, such as advertising and community engagement. You can use it many ways for branding your business. Among all the methods, social media is the most powerful tool to brand your business. Through social media you […]


Ali Mayar Awarded as SmartCEO Future 50 Winner

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Ali Mayar, Founder & CEO of Platinum Funding Group, has been awarded as by SmartCEO as a Future 50 winner. Under the program, SmartCEO recognizes 50 of a region’s fastest growing, middle-sized companies. According to SmartCEO, “these companies represent the future of the region’s economy and embody the entrepreneurial spirit critical for leadership and success.” […]